On Fidget Spinners

I recently got my hands on a fidget spinner, and I have a few things to say.

First of all, THEY ARE SO DUMB. You just spin them over and over. There’s no purpose! I have one of the ones that doesn’t light up, it’s just a black metal one, so maybe the lights add some more flair? Either way, it’s a small toy that you can do barely anything with. So dumb.

But, I have to admit they are fun. As dumb as they are, simply spinning something over and over is fascinating to watch. I love moving my hand slightly and feeling the momentum change as gravity affects it. At least, I think that’s what’s happening.

I’m not convinced that fidget spinners actually help with focus that much. When I’m watching movies or television, it does help me focus. I hate having nothing to do with my hands, so the small toy to spin is beneficial. However, when I’m listening to someone talk, my focus is on the toy, because its whirring noise is much more interesting than whatever someone is trying to tell me. However, I have not been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD, and so although it doesn’t help me, perhaps it is beneficial to those who need it.

I recently taught a summer school, and my students had fidget spinners. I was not a fan. One of my children kept taking his apart and cleaning it while I was teaching, and so I knew he wasn’t paying attention and that the toy wasn’t helping him. The fidget spinners that my other students had lit up and were quite noisy when spun, so even if it was helping the student who had it, it was distracting the rest. My students would exchange fidget spinners quite often and would focus more on playing together than learning.

My overall opinion of fidget spinners is this: they are toys. Perhaps they are useful to those who actually need them, but I have found they are not useful in classrooms. They are too distracting for other students. But, they are incredibly fun when you’re not in a classroom. Unless you’re like me and you’ve accidentally flung yours across the room and nearly killed someone because you lost your grip.


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