On Deadlines

Alright, in honor of me being lazy and unproductive with no motivation to post anything, I have decided that I will write one post each month. This means I’ll probably write a post every 30th/31st since I’m a procrastinator, but maybe I’ll get struck by inspiration.

Deadlines are annoying. In many cases, I have 99 things to do on one day, and none on the rest. I spend my time complaining about all that I have to do and that it all needs to be done by that one day instead of actually doing what needs to be done so I’m not overworked on one day when I try to do it all.

Deadlines are threatening. As the date draws nearer and nearer, my nerves get worse and worse. Every time I think about whatever I need to do, dread fills me to the core and I have to go scream in a pillow or cry in a public bathroom. My creativity and my imagination leave me, and I am left a blank being who can only eat, sleep, and say “Yes” or “No,” which doesn’t help when I’m trying to get stuff done.

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