Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

It’s time for everyone to hear my thoughts on the recently released remake of Beauty and the Beast!

The short of it is that I loved the movie. There are three main areas that I want to talk about: the costumes, the songs, and the characters (well, at least some of them). Then I’ll talk a short bit about a problem I had with the plot. Fair warning: there are probably spoilers.

The costumes were amazing. As a lover of history, it was amazing to see the outfits based on the Rococo period. As a person whose childhood was overrun by the thought of princesses, the dresses were breathtaking and dream-worthy. A slight problem I had was when Belle’s peasant dress was pinned up at her side. I suppose it did make her look a little quirky and different from the townspeople though, so that might have been the point.

The songs were cool. I have to say I liked the new ones better than the old ones (the ones that were in the 1991 cartoon). I think this is because I grew up with the cartoon, and so the remade versions of the old ones had a lot to live up to, and they just didn’t do it for me. My personal favorites in the 2017 movie are Evermore and Days in the Sun.

Now for the characters. The main ones I want to talk about are Gaston, LeFou, and the enchantress.

Gaston was well portrayed. I could easily see how he had control of the town (he almost swayed me too, but then he had his horse kick mud onto those poor girls’ beautiful dresses), and it was nice that he didn’t set up his wedding to Belle without asking first (it’s a funny scenario in a cartoon, but not so much in a live action movie). It was amazing to see his descent into madness. He changed from being just egotistical to being almost insane.

In much the same way, I enjoyed LeFou. I loved that although he and Gaston were best friends, in the end LeFou acknowledges that “There’s a beast running wild there’s no question, but I fear the wrong monster’s released.” Then he went on to save Mrs. Potts and join the servants in fighting the invaders (what can I say I’m a sucker for character development).

I was really glad that the enchantress actually stuck around. It was a little corny that she continued pretending to be a beggar, but I mean it is a children’s movie. I don’t approve of her decision to turn the servants into actual objects after the rose fully wilt. Seriously. I understand he had a lesson to learn, but why take away the only people he can talk to and make him wallow in misery forever if he fails her test? Also, why put a time limit on falling in love anyway? It’s cruel.

My only problem with the plot was the weird scene with the book. I thought it was unnecessary. I mean, I guess yay? We now know how Belle’s mother died? I don’t really see how it was important to the plot of the story though. Sometimes, backstory isn’t needed. Let people speculate a little.

As I said in the beginning, overall I liked the movie. It had its flaws, but nothing is perfect. It’s a very enjoyable movie and Dan Stevens has a beautiful face.


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

  1. I liked your thoughts. I agree about Gaston, while he’s probably one of my favorite Disney villains, I enjoyed this Gaston. He was a bit of a beast himself. I loved the costumes too, but Belle’s dress fell a little flat for me. I understand the reasoning behind it for the story’s development, but lil me wants the old one. All in all Good job! 🙂

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