My Science Has Exploded

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I decided to post a poem I wrote in seventh grade. I recently found it on my computer and thought it was funny. This will be the start of my collection of original writing I have done. Enjoy!

My science has exploded,

And now we’re doomed to die,

Or maybe we’ll be lucky,

And just our skin will fry.

My teacher made me do it,

So please don’t ask me, “Why?”

He said to be creative,

And all I did was try.

I really liked the chemistry

We learned about in class,

And history is interesting:

World War II, and all that jazz.

If I mixed the two together,

I’d surely have to pass.

My chemicals were solid,

But they ended up a gas.

I remembered I had thirty

Other classmates in my room,

So I tried to make things smaller,

But the atoms went “KABOOM!”

So, my science has exploded,

And now we face our doom.

Atomic bombs mean danger

And fill science fairs with gloom.

My science has exploded,

And now we’re doomed to die.

My project spelled disaster,

But all I did was try.


Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

It’s time for everyone to hear my thoughts on the recently released remake of Beauty and the Beast!

The short of it is that I loved the movie. There are three main areas that I want to talk about: the costumes, the songs, and the characters (well, at least some of them). Then I’ll talk a short bit about a problem I had with the plot. Fair warning: there are probably spoilers.

The costumes were amazing. As a lover of history, it was amazing to see the outfits based on the Rococo period. As a person whose childhood was overrun by the thought of princesses, the dresses were breathtaking and dream-worthy. A slight problem I had was when Belle’s peasant dress was pinned up at her side. I suppose it did make her look a little quirky and different from the townspeople though, so that might have been the point.

The songs were cool. I have to say I liked the completely new ones better than the new versions of the ones that were in the 1991 cartoon. I think this is because I grew up with the cartoon, and so the remade versions of the old ones had a lot to live up to, and they just didn’t do it for me. My personal favorites in the 2017 movie are Evermore and Days in the Sun.

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Book Review: Nefertiti: Egypt’s Sun Queen by Joyce Tyldesley

This is the first in another series I’m going to do: Book/Movie/Music Reviews. I’m not really an expert, but it’ll be fun.

Joyce Tyldesley’s book, Nefertiti: Egypt’s Sun Queen is an excellent book to read. Tyldesley had a great understanding of the 18th dynasty of Egypt, and she was able to distinguish her opinions from the facts. Her explanations of Egyptian customs and philosophy were easy to comprehend, and she also made sure her audience understood her style of writing.

Tyldesley took a chronological approach to her book, but when many things were happening at once, she switched to thematic. This made the story easy to follow and kept readers from becoming confused by all the odd names that they hadn’t seen before.

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