On Friendship

This is the first in a series I’m going to be writing every once in a while. It’s the ‘On __________’ series, where I write about my feelings on a certain subject. It might seem kinda melodramatic, but whatever. I listen to epic music a lot when I write, and it really affects it.

Friendship is amazing. Although sometimes I like to be by myself, it is nice to be able to think about how I am never alone: I always have someone I can have fun with or be comforted by. Friends are a great blessing, and I hope that everyone has at least one friend that is as supportive and kind as all of mine.

Friendship is improbable. What are the chances that two strangers grow to care about each other, or regard each other as someone they couldn’t imagine their lives without? It seems almost overnight. One day, you’ve had a simple conversation with a new person, and the next you’re making plans to spend the whole day talking or playing board games.

Friends are supportive. You can be yourself around them, and you don’t have to worry that they think less of you. They encourage you to be the best version of yourself, and many times, they know what you need more than you yourself know. For example, a friend told me on Monday: ‘You should blog. I think it would be cathartic.’ Now here I am five days later, with my brand new blog (and boy is she proving to be right).

Friends are inspirational. Once I shared my blog with my friend, she sent a message: ‘I’m so proud of you!’ Such a simple message, and yet it filled my heart with such happiness and joy that I got the idea for this On _______ series and decided that my first one would be on the glories of friendship.

Friends are caring. Even if you don’t tell them everything, friends can determine what you need from what you say and how you act. Trying to keep something that bothers you hidden? Your friends are going to notice, no matter how much you pretend that they don’t care.

Friends are unique. Regardless of the number of friends you have, no two of them will be exactly alike, and none of them will be the same as you either. That’s why there are so many stereotypes about friends: the crazy one, the smart one, the quiet one, the artsy one, the mom friend, and many more I can’t name. The stereotypes never completely fit each friend though, which is why the list continues to grow. Sometimes something about a friend that makes them unique is something that bugs you, but you love them nonetheless.

Friendship is very often a mutual relationship. Never forget that the way you feel about your friends is pretty close to the same way they feel about you. You support them, you inspire them, they know you care about them, and they love you despite your imperfections as well.

Friendship rarely ends. Even if you no longer talk to someone you once spent every day with, you still consider them a friend. Their memory brings all the good times you spent together into your head, and you wonder how they’re doing and wish them well. A friendship only ends with a loss of regard, not with a loss of contact.


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